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White Rage and the TSA: Comparing Stop and Frisk in the Hood to Pat Downs at the Airport

For those who fly the friendly skies – for business, travel, employment – you will understand the context of what is about to written. The Transportation Services Administration (TSA) is an organization of inept individuals who take pleasure and delight … Continue reading

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#227. The Martin Luther King Jr. Monument

Soon to stand resolute in the same city where monuments to racist slaveholders attract millions every year will be the Martin Luther King, Jr. National Memorial. This towering memorial to Martin Luther King will be erected to remind all of … Continue reading

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The Ninth Day of Christmas at SBPDL – Errant Snowballs

Washington DC is a town known for safety. However, Black people are already known not to like the snow and have a difficult time discerning the myriad complexities of gun safety. Now, combine snow with gun safety and put these … Continue reading

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#228. Washington DC Monuments

Black people love Washington DC. It is a city that has allowed Black people the honor of having the gifted orator, Marion Barry, serve as its mayor: “Barry‘s other run-ins with the law have included a federal sting operation in … Continue reading

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#508. Staying Awake While Operating a Washington DC Metro Train

Admit it. We have all fallen asleep on the job before. Perhaps after a delicious lunch and upon returning to the office our eyes just happen to slowly close and before you know it, 5 p.m. has rolled around and … Continue reading

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