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Apology to Readers and an Observation from Portland on SWPL whites

Taking off the mask off of SBPDL for a second, I wanted to thank everyone for continuing to read this blog. I’ve been incredibly busy and have neglected putting together competent posts (and actually finishing a look at the TV … Continue reading

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#45. Volunteering

One of the more cherished activities that a white person – not just a Disingenuous White Liberal (DWL) – can partake in is volunteering to help out underprivileged, poverty stricken or needy Black people. It is through volunteering that white … Continue reading

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#115. The Martin Luther King Jr. Brand

We at SBPDL are walking on egg shells as we wish you all a Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day! By mentioning the saint’s very name, do we incur the wrath of his progeny bent on squeezing every scintilla of … Continue reading

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#227. The Martin Luther King Jr. Monument

Soon to stand resolute in the same city where monuments to racist slaveholders attract millions every year will be the Martin Luther King, Jr. National Memorial. This towering memorial to Martin Luther King will be erected to remind all of … Continue reading

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#45. Ayn Rand

Black people – though they might not like what Pre-Obama America represented – have no real animosity toward the United States of America. The USA is a land of endless dreams and hope, and for a people united in a … Continue reading

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#41. The Greatest Generation

(While you read this, listen to this song) “December 7, 1941 – a date that will live in infamy…,” so said Franklin Roosevelt 68 years ago today, in the wake of the horrific surprise attack by the Empire of Japan … Continue reading

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#123. Those Who Can See

We at SBPDL talk about college football and sports all the time for one simple reason: without sports, Black people would have absolutely no positive images to project to the American people. Integration and the breakdown of entrenched dogmatic white … Continue reading

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