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Black History Month Heroes: Trevor Garfield from "187"

, The United States of America in 2011 is an interesting place to live, especially if you are an educator. White and Asian students seem to be enjoying excellent tutelage from Crusading White Pedagogues (CWP), though the goal of every … Continue reading

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Scott’s Tots it’s Not: Flocabulary to Save the Day

The skies are clear, no superhero is near. Black people wait with bated breath for that hero to arrive that will provide the knowledge and knowhow necessary to cause of cessation of Waiting for “Superman”. A hero with the pedagogic … Continue reading

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A Note on Avatar and the idea of the "White Messiah"

Black people love movies. This is a dominant theme of SBPDL. Remember, Black people automatically don’t like movies where they don’t save the world. With that in mind, Black people find movies with a mystical white messiah to be repulsive … Continue reading

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The Tenth Day of Christmas at SBPDL – Kwanzaa

The 26th of December has a special place in the hearts and minds of disingenuous white liberals everywhere: it is the start of a week-long celebration of innate Blackness and the glory of Black people, Kwanaa!: Kwanzaa is a weeklong … Continue reading

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#41. The Greatest Generation

(While you read this, listen to this song) “December 7, 1941 – a date that will live in infamy…,” so said Franklin Roosevelt 68 years ago today, in the wake of the horrific surprise attack by the Empire of Japan … Continue reading

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#123. Those Who Can See

We at SBPDL talk about college football and sports all the time for one simple reason: without sports, Black people would have absolutely no positive images to project to the American people. Integration and the breakdown of entrenched dogmatic white … Continue reading

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#540. The Michael Oher Story

Question: What is 6’4 and 310 LBS. of cuddly warmth? If you answered Michael Oher, you would be correct. Oher is a member of the National Football League and one of that organizations most prized employees, for he is also … Continue reading

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