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NASA’s Final Frontier: Finding the great Black Scientist

We all know what NASA’s current mission, with Muslim outreach now the primary goal of that once vaunted organization. Houston, 1969: How did these white guys ever succeed without Black people? The next few days will see some long-awaited entries … Continue reading

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#72. Athlete-Students Graduating from College

As SBPDL celebrates the 2009 College Football season’s imminent arrival, we must pause to remember why we are doing this. College football – and the National Football League – hold adult men in perpetual captivity during fall weekends and this … Continue reading

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#75. Lack of Black Head Coaches in College Football

Bear Bryant, whom many consider to be the finest football coach in history, will also be the man that Black people in the future “Black World” canonize as being the patron saint of making Southern football accommodating to Black people, … Continue reading

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#82. Naval Academy Academic Standards

Previously, on SBPDL, we learned that Black people do not like Real American Heroes. The real United States military and the elite soldiers that comprise the Navy Seals, Air Force Special Forces, Rangers and Delta Force are overwhelmingly white, as … Continue reading

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