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#71. The Term Hoodlum

Jesse Jackson famously stated that when he walks down a darkened alley at night, upon hearing foot steps behind him, he takes solace in the knowledge that those sounds are made by white feet and not by Black feet. Why … Continue reading

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#70. The Word Niggardly

Black people love words. There’s no getting around it. From “bling” to “booty” to “drive-by shooting,” Blacks have undoubtedly enriched the American English vocabulary. Incredible athletic achievements aside, Black people’s top contribution to the American experiment is undoubtedly the new … Continue reading

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#15. White people using the word "Nigga"

Black people love to call each other “nigga” even more than the most negative pejorative in the English language, the n-word. To Black people, there is no greater term of endearment than admonishing each other with playful calls of “nigga … Continue reading

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