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Are We Already the Walking Dead?

In an economic collapse, do we all become the walking dead? In promotions for the new AMC show The Walking Dead, the iconic shot centers around the protagonist riding horseback into the deserted city of Atlanta. With abandoned cars littering … Continue reading

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#78. Black Zombies

It has been said that “when hell is full, the dead will walk the earth.” One people and one nation deserve credit for delivering a frightening genre full of suspense, chills and gruesome images of undead carnage: Haitians. The idea … Continue reading

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Haiti, Earthquakes and the Undead

Sadly, news headlines commanding attention to a “Haiti in Crisis” and a “Nightmare in Haiti” after the devastating earthquake ravaged Port-au-Prince don’t qualify as a “man-bites-dog” story. Haiti has long been a nation where a “nightmarish” existence is the perpetually … Continue reading

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